Uni Fit Campaign for Lucky Brand Jeans

Breaking the Rules

I consulted on the campaign messaging for Uni Fit, one of Lucky Brand Jeans' most ground-breaking jean. The new product was set to come out during the first year of COVID-19, so we had to be strategic. With innovative, one-size-fits-many fabric technology designed to mold to each individual body type, we wanted to showcase the novelty of these jeans.

We came up with messaging inspiring women to break free from traditional sizing, and traditional ways of being. People had been cooped up in their homes and wanted to get out and move, not to mention live. We played up a joie de vivre spirit (with a bit of maverick mixed in) by featuring rule breakers living life on their terms, moving freely and beautifully in their Uni Fit jeans. The marketing director for Lucky Brand Jeans said that these jeans flew off the shelves. Scroll down to see what else she said.

“You've been an incredible partner during this journey... Thank you again... and hopefully, we can work together again on upcoming projects. Your input and ideas have been so helpful.”

― Deanna Bedoya, Marketing Director at Lucky Brand Jeans