Hey there, fellow disruptor! *fist bump

Here's a bit about me

I'm a senior marketing copywriter with over a decade of experience. More importantly, I’m a visionary. I come bearing bold ideas. Oh, and I don’t relent until your target audience is fist pumping and chanting your name.

Industries I've written for: fashion, jewelry, beauty, lifestyle, tech, baby/kids, natural health and wellness, eco-friendly, and ecommerce.

Copywriting experience: naming products, creating brand voices, campaign messaging strategy, taglines, emails, ads, social media captions, direct mail, press releases, blog posts... you name it.

A couple articles I've written

The Simplest Way to Get Rockin’ E-comm Email Results: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/simplest-way-get-rockin-ecomm-email-results-sabrina-gaffney/

The True Source of Copy That Sells: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/true-source-copy-sells-sabrina-gaffney/

Wanna work with me?